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Safer chemsex in a box

PIP PAC | MENRUS.CO.UKPIP PAC are safer chemsex packs made up of 40 ingredients some of which need to be printed, pinched, stuck together and folded before precision packed into a Post In Proportion (PIP) pack (PAC) mailing box. Uniquely, contents are colour coded to reduce sharing and transmission of blood borne infections including HIV and Hepatitis C. 

6 x 1ml Fixed Needle Syringes *
2 x Spoons with Filters *
1 x Needle Safe Sharps Box (with instructions)
6 x Alcohol Prep Pads
1 x Measuring Syringe (2ml)
1 x ‘G’ Tracker (leaflet)
2 x Straws *
4 x Latex Gloves (large)
2 x 10ml ID Glide Lubricant Pillows
2 x Skins Condoms
4 x Electrolyte Tablets for Hydration
2 x Mints
2 x Paper Wrist Bands *
1 x Safer Chemsex** (A5 booklet)
1 x Bust Card: Your Rights on Arrest*** (A7 booklet)
1 x Release: Drugs and the Law (A7 folded leaflet)

* Colour coded to reduce sharing and transmission of blood borne infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C.
** v5 2018 | *** v1 2019

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Over 5 years, a humble 2 page health information leaflet has evolved into a 32 page booklet with links to this website—a wealth of further guidance and support. Most recently, we included guidance on ambulance call-outs and the police, a bust card: your rights on arrest booklet, and new and expanded guidance on using GHB in May 2019.

We would love to give PIP PAC away for free but they are not subsidised or receive government or grant funding. They are produced on a not for profit basis to give you the best value possible. Since PIP PAC started we have absorbed the cost of post and packing (P&P) to keep costs down. Sadly, we can no longer afford to do this – though the packs remain the same price at £5.43. Discretely packaged and posted 1st class, packs fit through standard letterboxes. Purchase on-line today, and there’s a good chance you’ll get yours tomorrow.

PIP PAC was innovated by gay men in 2014—some of whom are living with HIV and/ or Hepatitis C.

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