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The history of camp is as fascinating as it is complicated as it is controversial. Quoting from a piece in The Conversation:

"Early in the first episode of the BBC reality dating show, I Kissed A Boy, glamorous pop star Danni Minogue descends a staircase to greet the all-male line-up of contestants. “Probably not the right heels for this,” she admits. “Don’t worry, I’ve got another pair if they’re no good,” quips one of the men, Ollie, who sports an impressive moustache and a deep voice. Although the men have never met before, they quickly bond, finding common ground in this kind of camp humour, which has been the defining feature of gay or queer male friendships for centuries. Camp is notoriously difficult to define, as Paul Barker explains in his book "Camp! The Story of the Attitude That Conquered The World". It can be an attitude, a style or a behaviour, and it consists of several components – exaggeration, artificiality or theatricality, breaking social norms and silliness, which results in humour. If the effect is not intended to be funny, it is camp. If the effect is intentionally funny, then it is campy – a term more commonly used in the US than the UK."
 A brief history of camp: from minority sensibility to political protest | The Conversation | 14 Jun 2023

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