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Racism and gay men

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic members of staff from Stonewall wrote this about racism and the LGBTQ community for Black History Month. Sometimes, you don 't re-invent the wheel:

"Racism of all kinds is always despicable but experiencing it from within the LGBTQ community can have a particularly negative impact on QTIPOC. In a world still often not accepting of LGBTQ people, QTIPOC also have to deal with discrimination in the community that should be there to support them. This can lead to isolation, loneliness, and poor mental health, on top of the direct impact of the racism, discrimination and violence they may experience. This is why it's so key that white people are more vocal about challenging racist behaviour within the LGBTQ community, even when QTIPOC aren’t around and when they do not feel able or safe to challenge it themselves."

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Three surveys from GMFA about racism and gay men

Sexual racism is sexual discrimination or sex preference and prejudice based on a person's skin colour and/ or perceived ethnicity. It is one of the most psychologically damaging and mentally exhausting forms of racism on the gay scene, on gay scenes online, and around the world.

"Recently over 850 Black, White, Asian, South Asian, Arab and mixed-race gay men shared their thoughts on race and racism with GMFA. More than two-thirds of the men from the Black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds had personally experienced racism on the scene."
 Racism and the gay scene | GMFA FS #148

"Over 400 white gay men filled in a short survey for GMFA who asked for their honest thoughts on racism on the gay scene – whether they discriminate against other races, whether they have ever experienced racism themselves, and their general thoughts about preference vs. racism."
 Dear white gay men (Survey) | GMFA FS #148

"Of course not all white gay men are racist. Many of the men in the survey were shocked and outraged by instances of racism they had observed on the scene. However, there were also plenty of examples of casual racism in some of the responses from the white guys in the survey. And we were surprised by some examples of more overt racism."
I’m black but you still have to ask for consent | GMFA | FS #162#

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic LGBT+ Organisations
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Accessing health services

In March 2015, Guy’s and St Thomas’ published a report dealing with the sexual health, mental health, access to services and social issues of Black, Latino and other minority groups. The report found:

  • Racism on the gay scene
  • Black gay men found racism on the gay scene to outweigh homophobia within Black communities
  • Black men often feel they are sexualised and objectified and used as ‘accessories’ for white men
  • They are presumed to have large cocks and to be sexually aggressive
  • They feel like they are not recognised as a whole person, and once the sex is over they are discarded
  • In contrast Latino gay men found stereotypes, such as being ‘hot lovers’ to be a positive thing
  • Both groups expressed the view that the gay scene is segmented and elitist and this can have an impact on their self-esteem

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