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APPS v3Born in late 1999, Gaydar is probably the daddy of all profile based dating websites from which has spawned a multitude of other websites and smart phone apps (web apps). There is no denying they have transformed the way gay men connect and communicate with each other.

Whether you are looking to chat, flirt, hook-up, or find a partner there are many smart phone apps to choose from and an increasing number of gay dating websites with an emphasis on longer term relationships.

If you are starting out, you may find some web apps overwhelming, but there are alternatives where you can explore your sexuality in a more chilled environment, perhaps taking the first steps towards acceptance and coming out, if that’s where you’re heading.

Also, we should not forget that web apps have been a game changer for people living in parts of the world where being gay is criminalised, considered evil, and a sin against God.

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