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Getting older

Older and wiser

Hopefully, older means wiser, calmer and clearer about whatโ€™s important to us. As an added bonus, friends we made when we were younger may still be our friends decades later. Obviously there are exceptions, but from about 35-40 years plus โ€“ older gay men tend to have:

  • A more rounded sense of who they are
  • Greater emotional stability
  • Grown increasingly comfortable with their sexual identity
  • A more considered approach to life
  • More confidence and are usually wiser
  • Built-up strong networks of friends
  • Genuine interests โ€ฆ other than alcohol, shopping and drugs!
  • An established home and financial security
  • More sexual experience and a better understanding of what they like
  • The potential for the security of a long-term, mutually supportive, relationship

What younger gay men really think about older guys | Logo (US) | 11 May 2015 | 2m 58s

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