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He's a bastard!

Putting aside the caring and sharing stuff for the moment… he could just have been a complete bastard. Sometimes the anger, hurt and resentment we feel towards an ex-boyfriend can be overwhelming, particularly if he has really fucked you over and there’s nothing you can do about it. It can be months, sometimes years, before it seems to matter less and then an unexpected reminder can bring it flooding back.

However right it feels to be angry, these feelings will have an impact on new relationships and will use up emotional energy that could be better used making yourself a happier and healthier life without him. Sometimes the sweetest victory is using a painful experience to rebuild your life and – if you see him again – let him know it… with a smile.

Lastly, if you seem to end up with all the bastards, you should examine why. Talk it through with a trusted friend, contact a helpline or consider seeking professional help.

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