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Sex venues

Sex venues are clubs and club nights, pubs, and some gay saunas where sex is permitted on the premises. These may also be known as dark rooms and play areas.

  • You may wish to check out the busier times (or not) depending what you're after; eg: weekends and bank holidays can be uncomfortably packed
  • Some venues have strict dress codes and will refuse entry. Depending on what you wear (and whether you’re travelling in public) consider taking your gear with you and changing at the venue, or wearing cover up; eg: trackie bottoms over chaps
  • If you’ve not been there before, it’s well worth checking what’s what before you get down to business. Many venues have Facebook pages that are useful reads.
  • If you’re going with a friend, agree a check-in time and place and stick to it
  • If you’ve had some great sex, think about having a break
  • While it is a sex venue, don’t be afraid to talk to a guy if you think that there may be something more going on
  • Don’t forget to take condoms and lube, and chewing gum

Our experience says:

  • Don’t let sex venues become habitual and your only way to meet other men
  • Sexual frisson or energy is just that - then it's gone - so don't expect anything else from a guy
  • Take care of your valuables

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