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Exercising safely

Anyone who exercises or plays sport regularly is bound to pick up the occasional injury. It probably won’t be serious, but exercising safely is important to ensure that you can keep on exercising while reducing the risks as far as possible.

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for the exercise or sport you are undertaking
  • Before you start, do a five to ten minute stretching routine to prepare you for the exercise itself
  • It may be helpful to seek professional advice from a coach, a more experienced person or manual
  • Use protective equipment available for a specific sport
  • Make sure that any equipment you works properly, and is the correct size
  • Replace exercise shoes which have become worn or that don’t fit properly
  • Don’t smoke, take alcohol or recreational drugs, or eat before exercising. Any of these could make you feel drowsy or dizzy or reduce co-ordination which in turn could lead to an accident or injury
  • However, you may need an energy drink to raise your blood-sugar levels
  • After exercise, cool down with muscle stretches and by continuing to move around for a few minutes to reduce stiffness and soreness
  • Stay warm – a sudden drop in temperature can induce a chill or shock

Fitness training tips | NHS

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