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First published in Spring 2020

Initially putting our COVID-19 information under this chapter in April, much of the content was integrated into the rest of the website by June. However, we continue to update information, with a focus on mental health, well-being, and support. It's now Winter 2020 but this is what we said in April:

"Just about everybody who can has weighed in on COVID-19 so we see little point adding more of the same. Instead, we have scoured the Internet, penned a few words, to bring you our take.

It's struggle enough getting through COVID-19 and lockdown without feeling pressured to be a better version of yourself by the end of it. That's not to say you shouldn't or can't but the life-coaches and lockdown-motivators are everywhere - beating their drums - and it can be overwhelming.

Getting through this is tough but it's not a contest. You don't have to learn 5 languages, reinvent yourself or build a functioning gym in the cat's litter tray. Some of us live in a room, don't have gardens or have a Youtube channel to share every waking breath of home quarantine. Keep it real, set the bar low, and have a wank."

Not everybody needs help and support

Not everybody needs help and support but if you do we hope there's something here for you.

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Information and advice | MEN R US
Trackers and statistics | MEN R US
Symptom study app | MEN R US

The bit at the bottom | MEN R US

Contact us if you can't find a service and we will signpost you the best we can.

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MEN R US Volunteer's Video Choice Award
Check out Emerson's awesome Jock Strap Mask tutorial which kinda sums up how we're feeling at the moment.

Jock Strap Mask Tutorial | Emerson Collins | Apr 2020 | 57s

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