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LGBT+ People and COVID-19

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has affected everybody in one way or another around the world, and continues to do so.

Writing this in August 2020, who is to say where we will be in a few months time but, six months on, we have an understanding of how COVID-19 has affected groups of people and communities within society, the frail and elderly (residents living in care homes), BAME communities, and the LGBT+ communities, for example.

With this in mind, we have pulled together articles about how COVID-19 has affected LGBT+ people though we should also say that we have also been resilient, imaginative, inclusive, and supportive in ways we could not have imagined in 2019.

 'I had to hide myself again': young LGBT people on their life in UK lockdown | The Guardian | 5 Aug 2020
 Lockdown having 'pernicious impact' on LGBT community's mental health | The Guardian | 5 Aug 2020
 LGBT: Covid-19 forced me back home where I'm 'unwanted' | BBC News | 31 May 2020
 Why LGBT people are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 | LGBT Foundation | 20 May 2020
 How COVID-19 is affecting LGBT communities | Stonewall | 21 Apr 2020

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