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Understanding the basics

When it comes to sex, many of us are aware of our anatomy but we often over-simplify what goes on beneath the surface of our bodies. Some of us still talk about things ‘down below’ and while there’s a certain quaintness about using such terms, they are inaccurate and misleading.

An informed working knowledge of the parts of the body used for sex can give greater control over what we do sexually, and help put sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other problems in context. For example, did you know that pain while getting fucked is often due to the cock ‘prodding’ nerve endings at the base of your spine or sensitive arse muscles inside your body? The pain will often go if you change the position or relax the muscles.

And when it comes to the basics of all the other 'stuff' we can get stuck quickly, so we've included sections on

  • DIY check-ups
  • grooming (looking good)
  • nutrition and exercise
  • sleep
  • mental health

It's all connected and while we are hardly the 'experts' we've tried to provide a basic understanding of pieces of the puzzle, together with some tips, to help you remain healthy, happy and horny.

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