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Sexual health check ups


Sexual health clinics (STI clinics) are bound by law to ensure the confidentiality of your records, so it’s OK to give your real name and address. All information about you and your sexual health is protected by law under the NHS Trusts and Primary Care Trusts (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) Directions 2000 and The NHS (Venereal Diseases) Regulations 1974.

 Keep our sexual health services confidential | NAT | 6 Aug 2014

In September 2015 a breach occurred where the 56 Dean Street clinic sent out the names and email addresses of 780 people when a newsletter was issued to clinic patients. Although this was appalling it was an exceptionally very rare occurrence in the sexual health field. Patients were supposed to be blind-copied into the email but instead details were sent as a group email.

London clinic leaks HIV status of patients | BBC News | 2 Sep 2015

If you’re going to have an HIV antibody test you may decide to give a false name, and this is not against the law. However, don't forget it... and any other false information you provide. Unfortunately, the same standard of confidentiality cannot be assured outside your clinic if you’re referred to another hospital department or service.

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