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HIV/ AIDS and COVID-19: Connections

NOTES ON A PANDEMIC | MENRUS.CO.UKWelcome to a selection of timely and thought-provoking articles about COVID-19 and HIV by people who remember - and lived through - the HIV and AIDS pandemic. They discuss similarities between the two pandemics, flashbacks, isolation and loneliness, survival skills, and lessons to be learnt.  We will add more as we find them.

“One thing I have learned is that I don’t expect anybody else to protect me. I know that I’ve got to do my own self-protection, and I know that I feel better if I’m giving back,” James Cox said. “What HIV taught me is that I’m resilient. Part of that resiliency is passion and purpose.”
Far from over: Long-term HIV, AIDS survivors navigate another pandemic | Street Root News | Jessica Pollard | 24 Jun24 Jun 2020

"Societies facing pandemics move through a version of Kübler-Ross’s famous stages of grief—denial, anger, depression, and so on."
10 lessons from HIV for the COVID-19 response | Open Society Foundations | Daniel Wolfe | 12 Jun 2020

"I’m living proof that there can be life after a deadly virus. My personal panic about the current coronavirus crisis is interwoven with my memories of facing another virus, HIV."
I'm an AIDS survivor and Covid-19 is giving me flashbacks | Angela Page HuffPost | 23 May 2020

"In the 1980s and '90s, AIDS taught us to look after each other, put human dignity first and insist that governments step up. This is no time to defer to power."
I lived through the AIDS crisis: like then, citizens must take control | Jonathan Cooper | Open Democracy | 17 Apr 2020

"The lessons we learn from this will be useful. Here’s to hoping we don’t put them on a shelf."
COVID-19 and HIV are not the same. But they’re similar in many ways that matter | HIV/AIDS Resource | Mathew Rodriguez | 9 Apr 2020

"The Aids crisis has taught us many things – and continues to do so. One of the key lessons is to trust science, and the robust (often long) scientific processes that deliver reliable results."
Lessons of Aids for COVID-19: Don’t sacrifice science to expediency | The Maverick Citizen | Robin Gorna | 9 Apr 2020

"Some of them are now senior citizens: vulnerable again, mistrustful of government directives about coronavirus and unable to organize."
For HIV survivors, a feeling of weary déjà vu | New York Times | Jacob Bernstein | 8 Apr 2020

"Informed advocates can be the best response to misinformation, whatever its source."
COVID-19: The HIV research advocacy movement offers lessons | AVAC | Stacey Hannah | 6 Apr 2020

"The reason that the AIDS movement was able to force the country to change was because we had a collective identity that was global, and people with AIDS joined together."
Lessons the AIDS epidemic has for Coronavirus | CNN Politics | Sarah Schulman | 5 Apr 2020

"The coronavirus pandemic also dredged up traumatic memories for people who lost friends and family in the HIV/AIDS crisis."
Isolation and HIV memories hit LGBT+ elderly hard in lockdowns | Rachel Savage and Oscar Lopez | Openly | 30 Mar 2020

"For some of us Long Term Survivors it does feel like we went through a training for the apocalypse, that we were some kind of ‘advance guard’, receiving important lessons in plague survival which can now be shared."
COVID-19 pandemic: notes from an AIDS Survivor | Tales of queer mystical emergence | Shoki | 15 Apr 2020

"Now, the fear has returned, along with another familiar emotion: resolve. Most people will get through COVID-19, though not unscathed. So here are a few other lessons from living through HIV."
How to survive yet another plague: I lived through the AIDS epidemic – here’s how to live through coronavirus | Buzz Feed | Mark Shoofs | 20 Mar 2020

"People ask me if our lives today feel like the early years of HIV/AIDS, and I want to scream. There is no comparison. Just stop. No one cared about people dying of AIDS in the early years of the pandemic. The stock market didn’t budge. The President didn’t hold news conferences. Billions of dollars were not spent."
Stop comparing Coronavirus to early HIV/AIDS. Just stop | My Fabulous Disease | Mark S King | 14 March 2020

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