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Oil based lubes (not condom compatible)

Oil-based lubricants don’t dry up because your arsehole and rectum is not capable of absorbing any of their components back into your body. It therefore stays there, goes further and lasts longer but this in itself can cause problems: your lower intestine down to your arsehole can become a bob-sleigh run and shit can shoot out at a moment’s notice!

If you’re into dildos or fisting then oil-based lubes are generally a better option because they last longer. If you have a fist up a mate’s arse, a comment like "excuse me, I’ve just got to pop out for some more lube", doesn’t tend to go down well.

Oil-based lubricants and related oil-based substances weaken and damage condoms and should not be used together. These include baby oil, mineral oil, suntan lotions, cooking oil, petroleum jelly, butter or margarine, cold creams and skin lotions.

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