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Sexual health check ups

The service you can expect

Generally clinics provide an excellent and consistent service and, you should be to

  • Understand and be kept fully informed about what’s going on
  • Have questions asked with sensitivity and in plain language
  • Have time and attention to express concerns and ask questions
  • Have your questions answered honestly and in plain language
  • Be given time to understand the answers
  • Be asked for your consent to any tests or treatments

Communication works both ways

Occasionally staff assume you are straight (heterosexual) and/ or may only have a limited understanding of gay sex. If you feel the line of questioning is insensitive or offensive so say: firmly but politely. Clarifying something can be awkward and embarrassing but trends in gay sex can be complicated and fast moving (the language and apps we use, for example). Providing your knowledge can also help staff and clinics in the work they do.

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