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Living well with HIV

Living well with HIV means different things to different people living with HIV. Some take the pills and are out the door; others are methodical in managing the condition, while others are somewhere between. But while people with HIV live longer, we do not necessarily live well with HIV.

Just having an undetectable viral load doesn’t eliminate the challenges that come with living with a chronic health condition - and a heavily stigmatised one (depending on who you ask). But, onwards and upwards, here are our top tips for living well with HIV. The links go to other parts of this website, where you will find details of relevant organisations and services - specialising in providing practical advice and support for everyone living with HIV.

Take your HIV medication as prescribed and attend appointments with your HIV clinic

HIV treatment | MEN R US
Understanding undetectable = untransmittable (U=U) | MEN R US
HIV treatment centres | London | MEN R US
Some provide in-house counselling and support groups
HIV Drug Interaction Checker | MEN R US 

Exercise regularly and manage your emotional and mental health

Get out and active | MEN R US
Your mental health matters | MEN R US
Finding a counsellor or therapist | MEN R US
Some HIV centres provide in-house counselling and support groups
Mental health support directory | MEN R US

Manage your alcohol intake and recreational drug use

A little bit about alcohol MEN R US
Safer drug use, or harm reduction, and why it matters | MEN R US
Safer chemsex | MEN R US
HIV Drug Interaction Checker | MEN R US 

Give up smoking

About smoking | MEN R US
Quitting smoking | MEN R US

Get regular sexual health check-ups

Sexual health clinics | MEN R US
Sexual health clinics (London) | MEN R US 
Sexual Health London | MEN R US
SH:24 (outside London) | MEN R US

HIV co-infection with hepatitis B and/ or C

Hepatitis | MEN R US
Hepatitis C and chemsex | MEN R US

Consider a welfare and benefits check

Ask your HIV clinic or search your local authority's website.

Combating HIV stigma

HIV stigma | MEN R US


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