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Sexual health check ups

When you arrive

When you arrive you should report to reception, where you will be booked in and given a numbered ticket (depending on the system). You then wait until your ticket number or name is called. If it’s your first time, you may need to answer a few questions or complete a short questionnaire.

Some guys feel the need to give a different name which is OK as long as you remember it... and respond when it’s called out! At some point you will be given a reference number. Don’t lose it as it links you with your clinic file which sits amongst tens of thousands of other records. Although they can be found by your name and/ or date of birth, looking for records in this way causes delays and extra waiting time for you.

Visits may take up to 2 hours, sometimes longer, so don’t be afraid to ask how long it is expected to take. Longer waits usually occur in clinics that provide a ‘walk-in’ service where it can be difficult to match demand with staff. If the waiting room is packed and the clinic is short staffed, you could be there for several hours – it’s unavoidable. Pre-arranged appointments are more likely to keep to time, but are prone to delays like any health service.

Everyone is there for the same reasons and nobody is likely to feel any less awkward than you. Just get on with it; take a book or watch a movie on your phone to pass away the time. Some clinics even have free wifi.

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