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HIV stigma

HIV stigma

Over the decades of the HIV/ AIDS epidemic there have been many advances in treatment and care, and HIV is now considered to be a chronic medical condition rather than the fatal illness it once was. Unfortunately, people living with HIV have been stigmatised and discriminated against since the virus was first discovered in the 1980s, and it continues...

Today, stigma and discrimination faced by people living with HIV remains a major issue. It appears in many forms and ranges from rejection by friends, family or partners to being physically assaulted. It's also a distinctly unattractive trait among some gay men using hook-up web apps.

stigma ˈstɪɡmə/ noun
Mark of shame and humiliation often driven by views, beliefs and assumptions we make about people. Makes it more likely that people will be singled out, ostracised, or marked out as strange, different (not in a nice way) and, in some cases, thought of as dangerous. Stigma is crippling, bringing on feelings of isolation, shame, hopelessness, blame, self-hatred, which often prevents people from seeking help and support.

As well as leading to feelings of isolation, depression and fear, stigma can also contribute to the spread of HIV. If someone is scared to go for a test, they may not know that they are HIV positive, and that could lead to them unknowingly infecting someone else. Fear of testing is often what leads to people being diagnosed late, which means they are in poorer health when diagnosed and in turn may not respond as quickly or as well to treatment, which ultimately means they reduced their opportunities for returning to good health.

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