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Wonder of slippiness

While we're probably preaching to the converted, arseholes and rectums are not self-lubricating. Though we may feel 'wet' at times, this small amount of natural mucus and sweat present (when fucking) can lead to discomfort, irritation, and infection without lube. We use 3 different types for sex:

  • water based lube
  • silicone based lube
  • oil based lube

Behaving similarly, they reduce the friction between whatever is going up your arse and the arse lining. However, you need the right amount of lube to do the job. Too much and the practicalities of what you’re trying to do become comedic/ faintly ridiculous. Too little and there is discomfort and pain (to both partners) and a risk of damaging the condom, the arse, or both.

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