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Wonders of slippiness

PERSONAL LUBRICANTSWhile we're probably preaching to the converted, arseholes and rectums are not self-lubricating. Though we may feel 'wet' at times is a small amount of natural mucus and sweat. Without additional lubricant, when fucking can lead to discomfort, pain, irritation, and infection without lube.

There are several types of lubricant for sex:

  • Water-based (for use with condoms).
  • Silicone-based (for use with condoms).
  • Oil-based (not for use with condoms).

They work similarly to reduce the friction between whatever is going up your arse and the lining of your anal passage. However, you need the right amount of lube to do the job. Too much, and the practicalities of what you’re trying to do become comedic/ faintly ridiculous. Too little, and there is discomfort and pain (to both partners) and a risk of damaging the condom, the arse, or both.

Spit (saliva)

One of the oldest and most natural lubricants is spit, or saliva, especially good for oral sex and wanking. However, it’s much less effective for fucking as it’s water(ery) rather than slippery, so does little to reduce the friction between the cock and the arse hole. However, if you’re already using a water-based lubricant, spit can help re-hydrate the lubricant if it's starting to dry up.

Spit 'n' shove or spit fucking is a visceral, primal form of sex - and can be even hornier if unplanned. There's also something about the heady mix of pain and pleasure. For some, nothing is sexier than a guy spitting on your hole before going in, or vice versa. There is a memorable scene in the film Brokeback Mountain where Ennis (Health Ledger) uses his spit to fuck Jack (Jake Gyllenhall) which illustrates this perfectly, in our opinion.


  • It’s an ineffective water-based lubricant.
  • Sexually transmitted infections can be passed on, eg: oral gonorrhoea from mouth to arse.
  • Spit 'n' shove sex,  maybe rougher and more primal. But, like all sex, should be consensual.

Spit can be a powerful driver for sex that feels real with a visceral, physical and emotional connection. What do you think?

Considerations when buying lubricant

  • Water-based lubricants tend to be less expensive, while silicone-based lubricants are the most expensive.
  • Some brands (eg: ID, Elbow Grease, Boy Butter and Swiss Navy) have a range of lubricants - similarly packaged - so make sure you select the right lube for your needs.
  • If you find a lube you like, ask your sexual partner what it is, or maybe a mate about their preference.
  • Some lubricants include a “desensitising lubricant” (eg: Benzocaine, a local anaesthetic) or have an “added relaxant” or “menthol numbing ingredient.” Be mindful that ingredients that desensitise or anaesthetise is can mask pain and discomfort, which may indicate damage.
  • Check lubricants labelled "flavoured", "anal", and "organic" to ensure they meet your requirements.
  • Be mindful that the lubricant does not contain anything that might cause an allergic reaction. Unlikely, but always worth checking.
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