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Silicone based lubes (condom compatible)

Many of us find the texture of silicone-based lubes more pleasurable than other lubes and they certainly last much longer than water based lubes.

Silicone based lubricants don’t dry up because your arsehole and rectum is not capable of absorbing any of its components back into your body. It therefore stays there, goes further and lasts longer, but this in itself can cause 'problems': your lower intestine down to your arsehole can become a bob sleigh run and shit can shoot out at a moment’s notice!

It can also stain and thus be difficult to wash out of bedding and clothing, and it can cause damage to sex toys made of silicone.

Silicone based lubes like Wet Platinum, Eros, ID Millennium (there are others) are safe to use with all condoms, latex and polyurethane.

Personal lubricant | Wikipedia

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