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Not everyone who fists uses gloves. Some guys find that wearing them defeats the object, that it’s the physical closeness of ‘naked’ hand against arse – mixed with the intensity of the scene – which turns both partners on and plays a major part in completing the experience. It is generally accepted that if your hands are in good condition the risk of HIV is very low.

However, you will reduce the risk further by wearing gloves and if you feel safer wearing them – use them. Wearing gloves creates a barrier between infections (present in blood, cum, piss and shit) and routes into your bloodstream (like cuts, sores, abrasions, broken skin and wounds). It also means that a shitty glove can be pulled off, turned inside out and disposed of easily.

Where to get them and what to look for

Some clinics give away free gloves but you will probably have to ask for them. You can buy them in shops; unfortunately you will find that some retailers have bought them in bulk, split them into pairs and are knocking them out at vastly inflated prices. Whether gloves come individually, in pairs or bulk (boxes of 50 or 100), the standards to which they have been made should be visible.

Gloves should meet the International ISO 9002 or British Standard BS4005. 1995 saw the arrival of the CE European Standard. If you don’t see these standards, you should ask if they are medical grade A examination gloves, not to be confused with grade B gloves which are for non-clinical use. You should remove all rings, jewellery or sharp objects before putting on gloves, which should fit snugly.

You may find the guide above helpful in deciding which size of glove would best suit you. Obviously, the better they fit – the more you will be able to feel. Generally, gloves covering your hands to the wrist are suitable although some brands have longer cuffs. Some gloves come pre-powdered which can make them easier to put on but the powder can irritate the arse if it gets inside. Veterinary (calving) gloves can be used for fisting although this is probably excessive and you may find that they restrict your hand and finger movements, and sense of touch.

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