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Sexual health check ups

Telling sexual partners and contact tracing

If you have or have had a recent infection you should tell all your partners (if you can) so that they can also go for check-ups. This may not be easy – but think about it if the roles were reversed.

Clinics will want to make sure that all your recent partners are traced so that they can be warned that they need a check-up too. Just assure the clinic that you will personally tell all your partners. Then do it!

Alternatively, there is 'provider referral' where a clinic will contact partners on your behalf anonymously. All you have to do is give the clinic his first name and mobile number. They will do the rest and will not identify you at all.

Remember, you can have most STIs without there being any external or recognisable symptoms. The situation is more complex if you test HIV antibody positive but the health adviser should help you tackle the issues.

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