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Matching dick size to condom size

Once you have your dick size (most importantly its girth or circumference) you would think it would be easy-peasy matching this information to the correct condom. Nope. Herding cats would be easier!

By way of an example, let's use Fred (one of our volunteers) who kindly volunteered his dick stats:

His length erect: 14.4cm  (5.7" inches)
His girth or circumference: 12.2cm (4.81" inches)

Condom calculators and charts

Even if Fred applies his measurements to website condom calculators, more often than not results show only those brands that the site sells. And he's wary about buying a brand he's not heard of before, or he might already prefer a brand which they don't sell.

Made to measure condoms | Condomerie
Condom size calculator | Size Me Up 
My Size App  | My Size
Measurement Fitting (Calculator) | They Fit
Condom Calculator |

Many websites also have charts which show at a glance that if your dick is 'X' wide and 'Y' long your condom size is 'Z'. The trouble is, when we compared 6 sites, we found 5 different condom width sizes for a dick with a 155mm girth with a range in difference of 8mm (that's nearly a centimetre). That's enough for a condom to easily slip off a smaller dick or choke a larger one!

Condom companies

Even when you work out your condom size, the information provided by many the major condom manufacturers is variable or does not exist.

Lelo Hex

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