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National AIDS Trust

NATIONAL AIDS TRUSTThe National AIDS Trust (NAT) was founded in 1987 as a non-government organisation (NGO) by the Department of Health, in order to deal with the escalating concern with HIV and AIDS nationally. Today NAT's funding comes from public donations, corporate supporters, grant-making trusts and foundations and its own fundraising work - it doesn't receive funding from the UK Government. NAT is a policy and campaigning charity, working to improve the national response to HIV through policy development, expertise, and the provision of practical resources rather than through offering direct support services to people living with HIV.

Alarming trend for cutting or completely decommissioning HIV support services

Freedom of Information requests have exposed an alarming trend for cutting or completely decommissioning HIV support services across England and Wales. In England there was an average cut of 28% in expenditure for HIV support services between 2015/16 and 2016/17. The regional variation in cuts is enormous, with some areas entirely losing support for people living with HIV.

NAT also has a comprehensive range of resources available including: HIV in the future NHS, why PrEP is needed, your rights: a guide to human rights and HIV, your voice: a guide to disclosure and HIV, using the global evidence base to reduce the impact of HIV stigma, how NHS overseas visitors charges apply to migrants and asylum seekers in England, preparing for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and tackling HIV discrimination at work.

HIV support services: The state of the nations | National AIDS Trust | Mar 2017
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National AIDS Trust | National AIDS Trust
National AIDS Trust

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