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Coming out to yourself

Coming out films

There are a ton of sensitively well-told coming out stories, and these are the films that have caught our eye. Sometimes you have to look past the ridiculously good looks but, hey, that's film making. Don't be put off that some of them are a few years old (!) as the issues are surprisingly similar across decades and generations. And if you don't like subtitles: please get over it. It's so worth it!

  1. The Way He Looks (Trailer) POR | 2014 | Peccadillo Pictures [15]
  2. Just a Question of Love (Trailer) FRA | 2000 | Millivres Multimedia [15]
  3. Free Fall (Trailer) GER | 2013 | Peccadillo Pictures [15]
  4. Make the Yuletide Gay (Trailer) USA | 2009 | TLA Releasing [15]
  5. Balls (Trailer) GER | 2005 | Peccadillo Pictures [15]
  6. Latter Days (Trailer) USA | 2005 | TLA Releasing [15]
  7. Shelter (Trailer) USA | 2007 | here! Films [15]
  8. Defying Gravity (Trailer) USA | 2010 | Millivres Multimedia [15]
  9. My Beautiful Laundrette (Trailer) GBR | 1985 | Working Titles [15]
  10. Beautiful Thing (Trailer) GBR | 1996 | Channel 4 Films [15]
  11.  Mulligans (Trailer) 27 Aug 2014 | 3m 9s

In The Dark | Ryan Beene | 2017

A gay college student, Austin, is hiding his sexuality from everyone in his life, until he meets Eric. Austin is instantly attracted to Eric's comfort in who he is. When they start a relationship, Austin may have to choose between keeping Eric in his life or keeping his secret. Written by Ryan Beene, and directed by Luke Nelson and Sarah Flores, this gentle and intelligent is film is cut many other films of this genre which why we've embedded it. Great performances and a satisfying ending. The sound is a little uneven in places but bear with it. There is also project to produce a feature length film based on the film, more details here.

In The Dark | Ryan Beene | 29 Jun 2017 | 6m 3s

Out In The Line Up: Surf Film | 2014

You don't have to be into surfing to appreciate this inspiring and thoughtful documentary, which is why we're giving it its own paragraph. "Two gay surfers unite to uncover the taboo of homosexuality in surfing. Together they embark on a global journey to speak with people from all corners of the surfing community about an aspect of surf culture that has until now remained hidden. As their journey unfolds, they uncover a culture of fear, secrecy and exclusion but are inspired to affect change by connecting people, provoking discussion and looking to the sport’s grass roots values of freedom of spirit and love for the ocean."

Out In The Line Up: Surf Film | Trailer | XTreme Video 8 Nov 2014 | 2m04s
You can stream the film from

Caught on camera: the homophobic world of surfing | The Guardian | 10 Oct 2014
Changing the Tide for Gay Surfers | | 2 Jun 2014

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