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Vlogs | MENRUS.Co.UKResearching content for MEN R US, we've stumbled across some really great vlogs and channels. While some are sweet, self-indulgent, and shouty, others are more thoughtful, inclusive and a testament to how far we have come in recent years.

So, something for everyone and here are a completely subjective handful of vlogs that have caught our eye and currently watching. In no particular order:

Help I Sexted My Boss | 28 Mar 2022 | 4m 52s
William and Jordan react to most shocking letter EVER!

Tyler and Todd | CAN 
Tyler and Todd are living off-grid and building their own home in the woods of Nova Scotia, Canada. Join them they fulfil their dream of simple living and building our home with the goal of being entirely debt-free! 

Tom Daley | UK
Olympic gold medalist Tom's channel with vlogs, exercises, food and raising a family with husband Lance Black who rather steals the show when he appears, in our opinion.

  Our Swirl Life | Jack and Ben | UK
Jack and Ben have been together since 2014, moving in the day after we met. In the Summer of 2016, they started to share their lives having since become dads.

AsapSCIENCE | Mitchell and Gregory | CAN
Making science make sense, created by couple Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown.

Amit & Aditya TV | Amit & Aditya TV
Living the husband life in New Jersey. Follow their journey as they navigate between our jobs, raising our pup (Adam), launching our dream projects, and breaking stereotypes.

Matt and Blue | Matt and Blue | USA
Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton make content that shows their everyday life, whether it be a new camping adventure, a fun DIY project, or cooking up the tastiest new recipe for their son.

Mark E Miller | Mark E Miller | USA
Mark makes adventure videos that might cause you to go outside and explore the earth and its bountifulness or maybe not who's to say.

Ethan Hethcote | Ethan Hethcote | USA
Ethan's channel is "a lot like life: it's all an experiment. Sometimes you'll get a little bit of this, sometimes a little bit of that. But it's always going be a whole lot of fun!"

Zach(ary) Patton-Garcia "trying to do right by his dogs" (and husband) and Alaistair Patton "man on a mission to consume as much creative goodness as possible". Married since 2017.

Nicky and Pierre | Nicky Champa And Pierre Boo | USA/ EU
Despite these two being utterly infuriating at times (herding cats springs to mind) they can be very sweet and engaging which is why we have included them. "We're goofy, we're sassy, we're crazy but most importantly we're in love and we want to share it all with you!"

Roly | Roly West | UK
Gay British YouTuber Roly West. LGBTQ+ advocate and YouTube video creator living in London! Queer and body modification enthusiast.

Marcus & Ian | US
"We're CRAZY active on Instagram and TikTok, so feel free to follow us on there."

Michael & Anthony | US
"Follow the adventures of couple Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano!"


From late 2017, we stopped updating regularly them. It's a little sad (if predictable) that some have morphed into sales, seemingly more interested in selling an underwear range or grooming regime than providing an authentic insight into the lives gay vloggers share with their followers. While many vlogs remain inspirational, they are harder to find these days.

We are also mindful that living one's life vicariously through the vlogs of others is not living your life. That's not to say we can't be inspired but, if you're living vicariously, stop it. Get out and live life for yourself. (Sorry, we just love this word: vicariously means that you're experiencing something indirectly, like when the life and adventures of others feel like your own).

Anyway, grouchiness aside, the vlogs listed here (in no particular order) should provide a springboard from where you can explore.

More and older vlogs and channels (some have not posted in over a year)

Calum McSwiggan | Calum McSwiggan | UK
Doug Armstrong | Doug Armstrong | UK
Trent and Luke | Trent and Luke | UK

Andrew Neighbours | Andrew Neighbors | USA
Husband & Husband | Aaron and Jonathan | USA
PK Creedon | Patrick and Mike | USA
Stepsof2Foreigners | Bernardo and Adam  | USA
PJ & Thomas | PJ and Thomas | USA
Mark E Miller | Mark and Ethan | USA
Ethan Hethcote | Ethan and Mark | USA
Matthew J Dempsey | Matthew J Dempsey | USA
SupDaily06 | Chris Thompson | USA
wickydkewl | Davey Wavey | USA
Two Beeps | John and Jeremy | USA
V-Squared | Luke and Vinny | USA

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