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LGBT rights

LGBT+ RIGHTSThough there has been progress in the past 50 years or so for LGBT people around the world, it remains a divisive, religious, and political issue.

While some countries have decriminalised homosexuality, outlawed homophobic hate crimes and over 20 countries recognise same-sex marriage; others are becoming increasingly oppressive, and brutal, like Chechnya.

Having sex with someone of the same sex remains illegal in over 70 countries, and punishable by death in 10. We've pulled together a number of organisations working to promote equality, though it's worth remembering that LGBT human rights campaigners risk violence, discrimination, and arrest.

Contact us here if you know of an organisation we should include.

International HIV organisations

You may be interested in our section on International HIV organisations focusing on the health and well-being of gay men and men who have sex with men including HIV prevention, HIV treatment, advocacy, support services and promoting their health and human rights, and storytelling to fight the pandemic and the global stigma associated with it.

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