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LGBT TVSince we first posted this content in 2015, the landscape was markedly different for LGBT+ TV series, gay characters, and plotlines. But naming a few, there was Cucumber (Channel 4), Sense8  (Netflix), London Spy (BBC), The Expanse from Amazon Prime kicked off, while Captain Jack Harkness from Dr Who (BBC) was well established.

Today there's an explosion in content. It's pointless trying to list all the programmes with LGBT+characters. But naming a handful: It's a Sin (Channel 4), The Long Call (ITV),  Star Trek: Discovery  (CBS), This is Going to Hurt (BBC) with 13 Reasons Why, Sex Education, Heartstopper, Schitt's Creek and Special (Netflix). This is not a Netflix love-in, but they have faired well; though, let us know of a programme we should include (2015-ish and 2021/22).

Whether principal or supporting characters, LGBT+ people are better drawn today with greater depth. But as networks and channels compete for our attention while ticking all the diversity boxes, it must be quality over quantity every time. And, while the streaming revolution provides an unprecedented choice of subscription services, can we afford access to all our favourite LGBT+ characters and programmes against the backdrop of substantial cost of living increases?

Eastenders (1985-to date): A gay kiss on Eastenders that caused an uproar
On BBC One in 1987, a gay kiss on Eastenders and an LGBT children's book caused an uproar. At the same time, the government introduced legislation known as Clause 28 to ban the promotion of homosexuality.
The Famous Eastenders Kiss that Caused an Uproar | Prejudice and Pride | Together TV | 4 Dec 2019 | 3m 13s

Dynasty (1981-1989): The challenge of getting a gay man on television’s most popular show ...
Over the original Dynasty’s nine-season run (1981-1989), the challenge of getting a gay man on television’s most popular show was nothing compared to the multi-year battle it took to keep him there. This is the story of the fights on-screen and behind-the-scenes over one of TV's first recurring gay characters and the kiss that changed Hollywood.
Dynasty's Gay Journey: Killer Dads, Shoulderpads, and the Kiss that Rocked Hollywood | Matt Baume | 10 Apr 2022 | 33m 25s

Soap (1977-1981): The first American sitcom with a gay character in the main cast
Soap is half-hour sitcom about the world’s most dramatic family tackling taboo topics like sex, murder, cults, nymphomaniacs, ninjas, aliens and a demon baby. But one of the most controversial elements: It was the first American sitcom with a gay character in the main cast, which touched off a huge fight before the first episode even aired. This is the story of the most controversial sitcom in TV history.
Soap vs Censors: The Fight Over TV's Most Controversial Sitcom | Matt Baume | 20 Feb 2022 | 46m 40m


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GLAAD uses this yearly data to create a clearer picture of the stories and images being presented by television networks and to work alongside the networks and content creators to tell fair, accurate, and inclusive LGBTQ stories on screen.

TV has never been so queer, eye-opening GLAAD study finds | Pink News | 17 Feb 2022

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