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Hate crime

LGBT Advisory Group

LGBT ADVISORY GROUP | MENRUS.CO.UKVoluntary group of independent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advisors working with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) at New Scotland Yard. Advises on and monitor police issues that affect LGBT people who live in, work in, study in or are visiting London. Initially the Group was only invited to advise the Racial and Violent Crime Task Force (CO24), now the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate (DCFD). However as the quality of its advice has been recognised, the Group increasingly invited to participate in a wide range of strategy and policy work.

LGBT Advisory Group | LGBT Advisory Group
LGBT Advisory Group | LGBT Advisory Group

Hate Crime Dashboard | Mayor of London

Homophobic crime reports statistics

A rising number of reports (red line for 2018 is clearly highest) but falling sanction detection (red line is lowest). This erodes community confidence and this is already seen in low satisfaction levels recorded by the Metropolitan Police Service. 






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