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LGBT+ history and timelines

LGBT+ TIMELINES | MENRUS.CO.UKWe've pulled together timelines of LGBT+ history and notable events.

There should be something for everyone, the Romans in the 1st and 2nd century; James Pratt and John Smith in the 19th century who were the last two men to be executed in Britain for buggery, and the foundation of the Gay Liberation Front in 1970.

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Historical events

HENRY SCOTT TUKE | MENRUS.CO.UKIndecent bathing in the Thames
"Two young men, named James Mason and Henry Mallins, were brought before the Lord Mayor, charged with indecently exposing themselves by bathing in the Thames. Police-constable Soper deposed about noon on Friday he observed the two defendants bathing in the river, close to Southwark Bridge. They went in and out of the water several times, exposing themselves in a very indecent manner to females upon the bridges and passengers upon the steamboats. Neither of them had bathing drawers on. Defendants now expressed their regret and said they did not think they were doing any harm. The Lord Mayor said it was not a proper place for persons to bathe; but he discharged the defendants, warning them to be careful in the future." (Reynolds's Newspaper, 7 June 1890)
Homosexuality in the nineteeth century | Rictor Norton

The photographer who shot LA’s queer Latino underground | Huck | 28 Jan 2021

George Quaintance. Influential early gay artist | Carry on Laughing | 15 Sep 2019 | 4m 29s
George Quaintance (1902 - 1957) was a pioneer of early homo-erotic art. He worked at a time when it was illegal to portray the male nude in a way that was considered to be anything besides figure studies, or classical style nudity.

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