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Flat hunting tips

Flat hunting tips from our own experiences:

  • Try to be honest with yourself about a) where you want to live, b) who you want to live with, and c) why
  • When looking at a property, go with a friend and get a second opinion ... making sure your friend is sensible!
  • When looking, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s going to be your home
  • If you’re seeing more than one place, it can be easier to compare them if you devise a check-up list for each property
  • When you think you've found 'the place', check it out at different times of the day/ week
  • Can you honestly afford the rent? Make a complete budget of all your income and outgoings
  • Find out precisely what you have to pay on top of the rent and if the bills are shared, etc
  • Almost without exception, you are responsible for a TV licence. If you get caught, the fines can be heavy!
  • Landlords require references and deposits. Try and arrange this before you start looking
  • If you have ANY doubts, concerns or queries, get professional advice BEFORE you agree to or sign anything
  • Make sure you understand the terms you agree under which you hand over the deposit, and get it back when you leave
  • Read all contracts and agreements carefully – including the weeny small print
  • Get written receipts for all transactions
  • Keep notes and write stuff down
  • Think very carefully before moving in with an ex, sleeping with the landlord, sleeping with a flatmate or the partner of a flatmate or the best friend of a flatmate (you get where this is going)
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