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No Outsiders

The No Outsiders project was created by Andrew Moffat to teach children about the Equality Act 2010 and British values and for pupils to "be proud of who they are while recognising and celebrating difference and diversity". In 2014, the project was piloted at Parkfield School, Birmimgham and, shortly afterwards, adopted by schools across the country.

In January 2019 a petition was started claiming the project's teaching went against the Islamic faith. Meetings took place with concerned parents which broke down. Shortly afterwards, parents began protesting outside the school and several pupils were also kept at home. Protests then spread to other schools in Birmingham.

“To its credit, the government has spoken out in defence of LGBT+ inclusive lessons – but it hasn’t backed this up with explicit, concrete guidance to schools about what they can and should do,” says the veteran gay rights campaigner. With religious extremists trying to “hijack the issue”, a culture of fear around mentioning LGBT orientation has sprung up. “Many teachers are left feeling very uncertain about what they are required to do or what they’re allowed to do or say.”

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