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Finding a solicitor

Solicitors are qualified legal professionals representing and defending a client's legal interest. There are many practice areas, such as employment law, consumer law, immigration and asylum law, and criminal law. A lawyer and a solicitor are broadly the same terms, used interchangeably in the UK, providing legal advice and/ or representing clients in court.

Depending on the advice you need, it could be available for free. Some sources of free advice can give you initial advice before helping you decide what to do, while others may be able to help with more complex cases. Some trade unions provide legal support.

The Law Society
The professional association that represents solicitors for the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

Law Works
Charity working in England and Wales to connect volunteer lawyers with people in need of legal advice, who are not eligible for legal aid and cannot afford to pay and with the not-for-profit organisations that support them.

Legal Aid Agency
Provides civil and criminal legal aid and advice in England and Wales to help people deal with their legal problems.

Green and Black Cross
Independent grassroots project. Set up in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity to support autonomous social struggles within the UK. Can only help people with issues related to protest and political action.

Freebar Network
FreeBar is a network of LGBT+ people and allies who work at and with the Bar. We are working towards a Bar that is an inclusive and supportive place to be, by connecting people and sharing best practices.

Drugs and the law

Help and Advice | Release
Release provides a free confidential and non-judgemental national information and advice service in relation to drugs and drug laws.

Legal aid

Legal aid | GOV.UK
Legal aid | Citizens Advice
Help with paying legal costs | The Law Society

Your rights on arrest

Your rights on arrest | Drugs and the law | MEN R US

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