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Housing and homelessness support


HOUSING | MENRUS.CO.UKWhether we’re looking for a pad, a bijou flat, or a show home, most of us want a place we can call our own. It‘s where we eat, sleep, relax, invite friends and have sex so, in many ways, it’s the cornerstone of our lives. Even if we can find a place, the housing crisis (the responsibility of successive governments) often makes this both complicated and expensive.

When we’re younger, we tend to move around but we still need a base but, as we get older, many of us want a home whether we’re by ourselves, living in a house or getting to grips with living with someone.

However, some of us are forced to leave the family home or find ourselves in vulnerable and/ or dangerous situations which is why LGBT+ organisations like the Albert Kennedy Trust and Stonewall Housing are needed today more than ever.

Housing and homelessness are complex (way above our pay-grade at MEN R US) so apart from some tips if you're looking to rent we’ve pulled together details of specialist organisations who should be able to help if/ when you need it.

Extract from Making the private rented sector a safe space free from prejudice | The Guardian | 23 Oct 2012

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