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Hate crime

Community Alliance To Combat Hate (CATCH)

CATCH | MENRUS.Co.UKThe Community Alliance To Combat Hate (CATCH) is a group of charities working to end hate crime. They give specialist advice and help to people targeted with violence, abuse or harassment because of their race, religion, disability, sexuality or gender identity. CATCH is open to anyone experiencing hate in London. If you experienced a hate crime elsewhere, you can still get in touch.

The partnership is commissioned by the Mayors Office Policing and Crime (MOPAC). CATCH is a way for people who have experienced hate to get the maximum amount of help with a minimum amount of hassle. The alliance is the first of its kind, bringing together community organisations from different hate crime strands.

Community Alliance To Combat Hate (CATCH) 

Galop provides advice and support to people who have experienced hate crime because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Hate crime can include verbal or written abuse, harassment and violence. Galop provides help to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people experiencing any type of abuse, so you can also get in touch if you have experienced domestic abuse, sexual violence, or any other safety problem.

The Monitoring Group (TMG)
An anti-racist charity that promotes civil rights. Provide a helpline and casework service to people experiencing racial violence, religious hatred, sexual violence and state neglect or misconduct. Leading exponent of family-led empowerment and justice campaigns in the UK. Some of these cases led to Public Judicial Inquiries and consequent changes in legislation, social policies and practices. Since the London Bombings, has worked with victim families of the carnage as well as Black Minority and Ethnic and Muslim groups and individuals affected by indiscriminate state-led policies in London, Midlands and the North.
The Monitoring Group (CATCH Website)
The Monitoring Group

The Community Security Trust (CST)
A Jewish charity that supports victims of antisemitism and records antisemitic hate incidents and hate crimes. CST received charitable status in 1994 and is a national organisation with full-time staff in London, Manchester and Leeds and a network of volunteers throughout the United Kingdom. Annual Antisemitic Incidents Report contains the only UK-wide statistics and analysis of antisemitic incidents and hate crimes. CST has extensive experience of advocacy and support for victims of antisemitic hate crime.
The Community Security Trust (CATCH Website)
The Community Security Trust

Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) is a secure and reliable service that allows people from across England to report any form of Anti-Muslim abuse. You can do so via the Telephone, Email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. Once they have your information secured, a trained caseworker will call to discuss the issue further and ensure they have all the details required to record the incident accurately, and offer support.
TellMAMA (CATCH Website)

Choice in Hackney
Choice in Hackney supports people who have experienced disability hate crime, based on learning disability, mental health needs, physical disability and/or sensory impairment. They are a voluntary organisation, which provides Advocacy and Independent Living Services to disabled people in London. They support disabled people from all communities to obtain the services they need to live independently, with dignity and to make choices about their lifestyles.
Choice in Hackney (CATCH Website)
Choice in Hackney

Stay Safe East
Stay Safe East is a unique user-led organisation run by disabled people, providing specialist and holistic advocacy and support services to disabled people from diverse communities in London who are victims/survivors of domestic or sexual violence, hate crime, harassment and other forms of abuse.
Stay Safe East (CATCH Website)
Stay Safe East

Real is a registered third party reporting centre, which means they have the skills and experience to assist you through the reporting process if you do not wish to report the crime directly to the police yourself. They will explain all the reporting options available to you, so you are in control of the choices you make. They can also refer you to Victim Support so you can receive the support you need to cope with emotional stress.
Real  (CATCH Website)

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