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Coming out to others

Things people say

When you come out to someone or say you are questioning your sexuality, people can come out with some rubbish. It usually comes from a place of love (yawn) but responses can range from the thoughtful and supportive to thoughtless and downright insulting. In no particular order, here are our top 20:

  1. "You're just going through a phase."
  2. "Are you the man or woman?"
  3. "You can't be gay - I've seen your dick."
  4. "What will the neighbours say?"
  5. "So what about grandchildren?!"
  6. "You're just confused."
  7. "You need counselling."
  8. "Go to church and God will love you."
  9. "When did you choose to be gay?"
  10. "Have you got AIDS yet?"
  11. "I don't see any make-up?"
  12. "You can't be gay; you've had girls."
  13. "Do you really want to be gay?"
  14. "Have you had bum sex?"
  15. "Which do you like better, men or women?"
  16. "We can go shopping."
  17. "I love gay people, really."
  18. "Don't tell anyone!"
  19. "Some of my best friends are gay!"
  20. "Did you touch that biscuit?"

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