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Year on year, reported homophobic hate crime has risen for over 7 years but is this because there is more hate crime or more people are reporting them to to the police? We can’t be certain but, in our view, it’s likely a combination.

Speaking with stakeholders, analysing local intelligence, and following news media, MENRUS.CO.UK believes there is a sustained upward trend in hate crime towards LGBT+ people in Greater London BUT we will always qualify this by saying this is partly due to more people reporting and improvements in data collection and analysis.

More importantly though, the rate of sanction detections (solving crime) by the the police has fallen year on year over 7 years. So, get angry about that!

When you read a ‘sensational’ headline that says hate crime statistics are “truly shocking” or “worse than ever” check to see whether the piece qualifies what it is they are saying. Even when hate crime statistics don’t make for pleasant reading, they should be reported accurately. This doesn’t always happen.

LGBTQ hate crime elsewhere

ILGA's Annual Review 2023 (EU) says "In the past 12 months there has not only been a stark rise in violence against LGBTI people, but in the severity of that violence. In particular, an activist was tortured and murdered by relatives in Azerbaijan. In Oslo, two were killed and 20 wounded after an attack outside an LGBTI bar. In Bratislava, two people were murdered and one injured outside an LGBTI bar in what has been described as a white supremacist terrorist attack. Two gay men were killed in separate attacks by the same person in Ireland."

In November 2022, ACLED said Anti-LGBT+ mobilization — including demonstrations, political violence, and offline propaganda activity — has risen to its highest levels since ACLED started collecting data for the United States in 2020. Nearly 200 anti-LGBT+ incidents have been reported so far this year, marking an increase of three times compared to 2021 and 12 times compared to 2020. Acts of political violence targeting the LGBT+ community have more than tripled compared to 2021. Anti-LGBT+ demonstrations have more than doubled relative to 2021. Far-right militias and militant social movements like the Proud Boys have ramped up their engagement in anti-LGBT+ demonstrations by over three times this year compared to 2021.

Fact Sheet: Anti-LGBT+ Mobilization in the United States | ACLED | 23 Nov 2023
ILGA World’s 2022 Annual Reports | ILGA

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Spate of attacks across UK sparks fear among LGBTQ+ community | The Guardian | 29 Jun 2021
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20-year-old gay Iranian man beheaded by his own family after being outed | Queerty | 10 May 2021
 25-year-old gay teacher shot, burned in brutal murder | Queerty* | 17 May 2021
Gay Latvian paramedic dies after being burnt alive in horrific ‘homophobic attack’ | Pink News | 1 May 2021
 After Being Called 'Disgusting,' Queer Cadbury Creme Egg Couple Reflect on Negative Pushback | Edge Media Network | 14 Mar 2021
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Gay Camp in Michigan under fire for issuing genital requirements | Queerty* | 19 Feb 2021
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Homophobic father hires hitman to break fingers of gay surgeon son | Out | 18 Dec 2020
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Ken Maginnis: Peer faces 18-month ban over homophobic bullying claims | BBC News | 3 Dec 2020
LGBT students attacked in university Zoom meeting | BBC News | 23 Oct 2020
'I thought I was going to die' in homophobic attack | BBC News | 9 Oct 2020
 Drunken rugby lout jailed after knocking gay man’s front teeth out in ‘hostile’ homophobic attack | Pink News | 25 Aug 2020
'Nine points up on Europe': data shows UK increase in LGBTQ harassment | The Guardian | 26 Jun 2020
Coronavirus: 'I was attacked for hanging my rainbow flag' | BBC News | 22 May 2020
Thugs push gay man into the road and beat him senseless – twice – in ‘vicious homophobic attack’ in central London | PInk News | 22 May 2020
A mother who stabbed her teenage son to death for being gay has been sentenced by a jury in Brazil to 25 years and eight months in prison | Pink News | 29 Nov 2019
Hate crimes double in five years in England and Wales | Society | The Guardian | 15 Oct 2019
Calls for enquiry as LGBT+ hate crime doubles in UK | Reuters | 12 Sep 2019
Homophobic hate crime charges fall as reports soar | BBC | 11 Sep 2019
Four teenagers charged over homophobic attack on London bus | 25 Jul 2019

Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes surge in England and Wales | The Guardian | 14 Jun 2019
"The rate of LGBT hate crime per capita rose by 144% between 2013-14 and 2017-18. In the most recent year of data, police recorded 11,600 crimes, more than doubling from 4,600 during this period. Transphobic attacks have soared in recent years, trebling from 550 reports to 1,650 over the period examined. Almost half (46%) of these crimes in 2017-2018 were violent offences, ranging from common assault to grievous bodily harm."

As rightwing populism spreads, bigotry against the LGBT community is growing | The Guardian | 17 May 2019
Man 'glassed for holding hands with boyfriend’ in unprovoked homophobic attack at Peckham Wetherspoon pub | Evening Standard | 10 Mar 2016
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